Jeff's interest in music began at a very early age, as part of a very musical family. After cutting his musical teeth on classical violin, He changed direction and in his early teens he took up the guitar and learned to play and sing traditional songs of Ireland and Scotland.

He later founded and operated the Carlisle Folk Club on the Northern fringe of the English Lake District and many of the top touring Celtic performers from Ireland and Scotland sang and played there. Jeff pitched in as a support artist to these great talents, and soon built a repertoire and a reputation as fine Celtic performer in his own right. He was soon on the road singing in folk clubs and concerts all over England & Scotland.

After Jeff and his family relocated to the Milwaukee area, he scratched the music itch again and was soon singing and playing all over the Midwest in pubs, clubs, concerts, festivals, including TV and radio. He has performed at some of the most prestigious Irish festivals throughout the Midwest, e.g. Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Peoria, and Minneapolis. This year (2013) was his fifteenth consecutive appearance at the Milwaukee Irish Festival, the last four years on the main Miller Lite and Aer Lingus stages.


Now as a seasoned performer, Jeff's music includes a nice mix of Irish & Scottish ballads and drinking songs and acoustic American folk songs that suit a broad palette of people's musical tastes.